Crystal Clear Glass Case For iPhone 13

Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 699.00

Color: Transparent


The Crystal-Clear Glass Case For iPhone 13 is one of the best fits for your Apple device considering its design and safety features.


  • Heavy Duty Shockproof Defender Technology: The Crystal-Clear Case comes with Heavy Duty Shockproof Defender technology for enhanced safety of your device.
  • Anti-Drop Material Feature: With the Anti-Drop Material feature and Full 360 Protection, this is the ideal case for your iPhone 13.
  • Scratch Resistant: For better protection of your device, these cases are equipped with Anti-Scratch Material
  • Higher Case Flame: To ensure better screen protection, this case is integrated with a 1.5mm higher case flame
  • Flawless Design: The highly clear transparent material provides an excellent design for your iPhone device.
  • Enhanced Protection: The 360 Degree protection technology helps your phone back against dust, collisions, and abrasion.
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    Transparent, Matte